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06/28/2010 - Mini book review on Laura Rudolph Wilson's Nashville Restrung Blog.

A couple of months ago an old high school friend showed up on facebook.  We friended – which btw I cringe at making “friend” a verb.  But I started catching up on his life in New Orleans and oh yeah, his first novel was about to be published.

Over the next few weeks I watched him checking the proof, and the first press roll off the line. Although I haven’t seen him since graduation MANY years ago, I am amazingly proud of my friend – David Lummis.

Now let’s talk about the book:  The Coffee Shop Chronicles of New Orleans introduces us to B. Sammy Singleton.  And that’s just a B.  It doesn’t stand for anything.  Sammy and his crew – Catfish, Georgia, Infinity and the likes are characters as real as flesh and blood in late summer of 2005 New Orleans.  Sammy is on retainer to write a handbook of the great coffee shops.

As a childhood friend, I’m giddy about recommending The Coffee Shop Chronicles of New Orleans.  As an avid reader, grab a cup of your favorite joe and pull up a great read.  Order yours online or better yet, pick one up in person at an independent book retailer or coffee shop near you in New Orleans.


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