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Chapter 2 - Im Not Saying Id Fall Apart

The day before yesterday while sitting in CCs pondering subtly subversive departures from the usual guidebook fare I decided to commit to a program of physical fitness, not having gone jogging since my inguinal hernia repair a few months ago and appreciating the need to be in tip-top form for endurance writing. I dont care what anyone says or how many gracefully aging starlets proclaim from supermarket tabloid covers ITS FAB TO TURN FORTY!, its now a number of years since I did and despite my fair share of heroic effort I can unequivocally state that Ive yet to uncover a single positive thing about that so-called milestone. Up until then Id never been sensitive about crows-feet and such; had even been a mite critical of those who were. But the Big 4-0 blindsided me completely, rattling the impeccably organized china cabinet of my world view with mid-level Richter scale reverberations.

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